Two Bitch™ Bourbon Batch #002


Inspired by the most loyal of friends, Two Bitch™ Bourbon is the perfect companion for making memories and sharing good times. Each release in our Small Batch With Bite™ series offers a unique experience crafted by blending bourbon whiskeys from select distilleries in the United States. Enjoy Two Bitch™ Bourbon with friends and raise a glass in toast:

For The Love of Dogs, Bourbon & Good Times!

Tasting Notes

Nose: Caramelized Apple, Oak, Sweet Stone Fruits & Honey

Palate: Spice – Complex – Cloves, Charred Oak, Charred Citrus, Cinnamon and a hint of tobacco towards the back.

Finish: Long and Sweet, Crème brûlée, baking spices, light oak

100PROOF | 50%ALC./VOL. | 750ML

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