Our Story

Give & Take

In early 2015, while at her Bridal Shower in New Mexico, Lauren received the call from her fiancé Joe in Nevada, telling her that Mocha Bean, her dog of 10 years was lost to the desert. Amazingly, two months later Lauren still married Joe.

In August, Lauren returned to New Mexico. The desert had a gift waiting for her there. Two Doberman-mix puppies – sisters! – had been left at the shelter after being found in the desert. Lauren packed them up and drove Scarlett & Sage home to Nevada.

Two Bitch™ Bourbon

For years, Joe & Lauren have held whiskey parties at their home bar, appropriately called the Luby Saloon. A few months ago, they were designing an invitation to a whiskey party and wanted to incorporate the new dogs into the design. The result was Two Bitch™ Bourbon, named for Scarlett & Sage!

It started as a fun bourbon bottle mock-up on the invitation, but everyone thought it was a great idea for a new brand of bourbon and spirits. Thus, Two Bitch Spirits Ltd., and Two Bitch™ Bourbon were born!

Two Bitch Spirits, LTD.

We will be offering a full line of spirits including multiple bourbon editions (e.g., cask strength, single barrel, etc.) as well as other whiskey profiles. The first product available commercially will be our unaged whiskey (moonshine). It will be distilled using the same recipe as our standard bourbon. At the same time, our first batch of bourbon will go into the barrels to begin the maturation process.

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